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Homeowners insurance calculator with NO personal information

How to find the cost of home insurance without giving personal information is simple with this easy to use home insurance calculator.  Merely pick the style of home from standard, semi-custom or custom.  Enter the square footage and receive an instant estimate premium for home insurance.  No personal information required.

iconHome Insurance Cost Calculator

1. Home Quality or Style

Standard Home Construction (75% of all homes)
Semi Custom Home (20% of all homes)
Custom Home (5% of all homes)

2. Total Finished Square Feet, Living Area (Slide for Sq. Ft.)


*Estimated Premium

*Subject to underwriting and availability by carrier and state located. This is not a guarantee or offer of coverage. For more information or home insurance quotes call 314-569-1010. All rights reserved Insurance Brokers Group, LLC

How are homeowners insurance premiums calculated?

The cost of home insurance can vary depending on several factors including but not limited to:

Amount of dwelling coverage

Age of home

Age of roof

Number of stories

Any prior claims

Credit score of the homeowner

Deductible amount

Safety features - Smoke detectors, burglar alarm, deadbolt locks, etc.

State the property is located

Can I pay my homeowners insurance Directly?

Yes, you can pay the home insurance directly, even if you have a mortgage. Many people like the option of paying for home insurance directly vs. through their mortgage company.  

Obviously, if you don’t have a mortgage, you’ll need to pay for home insurance the same you would car insurance.  … However, if you have a mortgage, you can choose a no escrow option whereby you pay insurance premiums and taxes yourself. 

This is a popular option, especially if you have substantial taxes and large insurance premiums annually.  It may give you an opportunity to earn some interest on your money vs. the mortgage company sitting on the money all year.

How do I estimate home insurance costs?

If you haven’t already spoken with an insurance agent or broker, use our simple to use home insurance calculator

This will give a basic understanding of the estimated cost of insurance for your home.  Once you decide if the premium is in your budget, you can, then submit a request for an actual quote based on that property.  Since no personal information or property address was initially provided, you’ll be asked a few questions and then offered some home insurance quote options.  It's the simplest Home Insurance Calculator you'll ever use.

What is the cost of home insurance?

By using a home insurance calculator you can get an estimated cost of insurance for your property with NO personal information.

Home insurance calculator benefits

1. Simple to use - two-step process with instant rates

2. Fast estimates based on size of home

3. Good general cost of home insurance

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