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Understanding homeowner’s insurance is a lot like trying to read furniture instructions in another language. Often we are left scratching our heads, saying "huh?".

We know the struggle is real for our clients, especially when it comes to selecting the right coverage's and limits. 

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One of the biggest challenges we see homeowners face is understanding their home value as it pertains to insurance.  

So we designed a home insurance calculator to help you ensure you have the right limits in place. However, before you start calculating, it's important to understand why knowing the cost to rebuild your home is so important.

The Cost of Rebuilding Your Home

When it comes to selecting your limits on your homeowner's insurance policy, the biggest question to ask yourself is- "how much will it cost to rebuild my home after a catastrophe?" 

Chances are you aren't a contractor and have no clue what those costs are. So you aren't alone.

Cost of Home Insurance Calcutor

The truth is this limit is often confused with market value. The fact is the cost to rebuild, and the market value is rarely the same.  Insurance companies use the cost to reconstruct with today's construction costs to determine how much you will be paid after a covered loss.

Some factors that go into your homes replacement value include:

- Square footage

- Framework

- Counter tops

- Cabinets

- Rooftops

- Plumbing

Simple to use, our home insurance calculator can help determine these values. We make it easy to see what your home value should be on your home insurance policy.   When it comes to insurance, guessing is never a solution.

The Importance of Homeowners Insurance Calculator

Homeowners insurance is broken down into limits. These limits are the amount of money the insurance companies give you in the event of a covered loss. It's crucial they be as accurate as possible, after all, it's your home on the line.  Homeowners insurance provides coverage for:

The structure of your home (coverage A)

Other structures on your property (coverage B)

The stuff in your house (coverage C)

Each of these coverages is provided a limit (dollar amount) on your homeowner's policy. Perhaps the most important limit is your coverage A or dwelling limit.  This is the value all other limits are based on. For example, if your dwelling limit is $350,000, then your coverage C or contents will be 50% of that limit. As you can see it's crucial to get the dwelling amount right. This ensures all of your other belongings are adequately protected.

Home Insurance Estimate Calculator

How Homeowners insurance calculators help from overpaying for home insurance.

Utilizing cost estimators allow you to insure your home correctly. You are paying for the actual coverage you need. It's important to keep in mind, though, that not having enough coverage can present a problem too.

If you insure your home for less than it should be protected for, at claim time you could be penalized. Insurance companies could impose what is known as a coinsurance penalty.

This means not only will you have to pay your deductible, but you will also have to pay the penalty before insurance kicks in their amount.

Here's an example of a coinsurance penalty. Let's say your policy has an 80% coinsurance clause.

This means you must insure your home for at least 80% of its replacement cost value. However, you wanted to save money when you took the policy out and only insured it for 60% of the replacement cost.

You will be assessed a penalty based on the difference between what you insured it for and what you should have insured it for.

So that penalty must be paid in addition to your deductible. A home insurance calculator helps you avoid that penalty by determining a true replacement cost value.

This is why it would be good to speak with a licensed home insurance broker.

Factors that Determine Your Home Insurance Premium

Home value is one of the most significant factors when insurers determine your home insurance premium. While rates may differ from carrier to carrier, there are factors that all companies use for premium determination, such as:

The cost to rebuild your home; remember this is not the same as the purchase price, which includes the value of the land. Our home insurance estimator can help determine the value using information about your home and its contents.

If the construction of your home is brick or wood; the premium is typically lower for homes that are mainly brick or masonry than for wood frame homes.

A wood stove or wood furnace in the house.

How close your home is to resources and services, such as a water source or fire department and the quality of your community’s fire protection services.

Average Home Insurance Cost

The challenge is there can be a range of what home insurance costs, but may not as a general average cost of home insurance, because of all the factors above and below come into play.

The condition and age of your home; often the premium is higher for older homes and homes in poor condition than for newer homes and homes in good condition.

The claim history of your community and neighborhood, especially the homes immediately next to your address.

The types of pets you have. Some insurance companies won’t insure you if you own certain breeds of dogs that are known to be aggressive.

Having high-risk outdoor amenities, like a swimming pool, a trampoline or other playground equipment that could cause injuries.

how to calculate homeowners insurance

Home insurance cost is set by each insurance company.  Factors used by these insurance companies include, but are not limited to age of home, age of roof, square footage of property, type of construction material used, physical location, number of stories, basement, etc., etc.  

One of the fastest ways to get an average cost of homeowners insurance is to use our exclusive home insurance cost calculator HERE.  This free Calculator will give you an estimated cost based on size of home and build quality.  No personal information needed.

This home insurance calculator is used by mortgage loan officers and real estate professional helping customers understand the cost of homeownership.

home insurance calculator free

Yes, as mentioned above.  This is a FREE home insurance calculator with NO personal info needed.

We recommend this to get a general idea to calculate home insurance cost, but you'll need to speak with one of our licensed brokers to get an actual cost based on your exact home information.

Home insurance companies will also look to see if you have had prior claims.  Credit will also be a consideration for buying insurance in most all states except California, where it is not allowed to be used for underwriting.


Your home is where life takes place.

From morning breakfasts to cozy nights on the couch. 

Be sure that all that makes up that life is protected properly.

Our two-step home insurance calculator gives you the peace of mind that your house and all the things in it are adequately protected.

Our insurance experts are ready to answer any questions that you may have. Whether it is regarding the type of home, you have or if you aren't sure about a specific coverage, we are here for you. Let our home insurance calculator do the work of estimating your home value, and we will do the rest.  For home insurance quotes call 314-569-1010 or click below for online quotes.

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